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The Cool Cat – Danny Bacher

You know those people who are just seemingly endlessly talented?  You look at everything that they do and wonder if they have some sort of special secret?  Or maybe you are just an underachiever?  That’s Danny Bacher.  Thanks to his publicity photos it’s hard not to know that he plays the Soprano Sax, and thanks to his reputation, you know that his shows and CDs are a mixture of his playing the music and singing the music.  Then you see him live and get a gander at the onstage persona made up of equal parts Master of Ceremonies and Atlantic City comic.  Occasional onstage patter leads to stories about his acting career and (whattaya think?) his TAP DANCING.  Are you exhausted?  Well, he’s not.  Danny Bacher isn’t just a Jack of All Trades and A Master Of Same, he is one of the most industrious people working in cabaret and concert.  Danny Bacher plays his solo shows here in town and can frequently be found joining fellow jazz artists in their shows as a guest, or in group shows in which many members of the jazz community can shine together… the creatives of the jazz community have incredibly deep friendships steeped in respect for each other and their individual talents.  Danny Bacher seems, always, to be up to something, whether it is a live performance, a record release, or something online.  In fact, Danny was one of the first artists to create a live-streaming show on the Metropolitan Zoom platform, during the pandemic.  This was so early in the life of the company that Danny broadcast from his living room with a glittery backdrop behind him and light cues that he, himself, managed from his out-of-sight laptop… while singing and playing the Soprano Sax.  Jack of all trades, indeed.

Here’s the thing about Danny Bacher.  It’s the goodness.  It’s the kindness.  It’s the smile, it’s the glint, it’s the wink, it’s the laugh.  Danny Bacher is so much fun.  He’s fun to be around, he’s fun to watch, he’s fun to listen to.  He’s fun to look at!  He has a fashion sense all his own and he puts effort into it.  You know, some people go out on the stage without giving any consideration to what they’ve put on their backs before leaving the dressing room.  Danny Bacher makes sure that his style matches his art – and that art is really good.  Danny’s gift with music is comprehensive and it is entertaining.  When he’s singing, the atmosphere in the room is like a beach party in a jazz club – everyone is jovial in their jiving and ebullient in their enjoyment.  And when he is playing that Soprano Sax, it’s all you can do to just rest your elbow on the table, rest your chin on your palm, and sit, wide-eyed, staring at an artist so accomplished that you might wonder if your ears are really hearing what you think they are.   They are.  Danny Bacher gives great show AND he gives great recording studio.  Check out one of his albums online and you’ll see what a glory it is to have all that music and talent wash all over you.

Danny Bacher leads a double life, too.  When he isn’t an active performing artist, he is a teacher of performing arts.  As a member of New Jersey’s Education Arts Team, Danny Bacher instructs young people of all ages on acting, magic, puppetry, and more, and he has spent fifteen years as a member of the Camp Liberty team, a Jersey City-based summer program.  All that generosity of talent that you see up on the stage spills off of the stage in Danny’s real life as generosity of spirit.  But if you spend even a moment thinking about Danny Bacher and the example he sets with the life that he lives, the generosity and the joy are definitely authentic.  That’s Danny Bacher, all over the place – a mass of mischievous and marvelous authenticity… in a brocade blazer and a pair of purple shades.

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Danny will appear at Jazz Loft in Stony Brook, Long Island November 16 through 18 at 7 pm with a 2 pm matinee on Saturday.  Tickets to be gotten HERE.

Danny will stop by The Lineup With Susie Mosher at Birdland Theater on November 21st (tickets HERE) to preview his upcoming show at The Green Room 42 on December 13th at 7 pm (tickets HERE).

 Danny Bacher is working on a Harry Nilsson recording project and he has a book being released in autumn of 2024.

Danny’s pronouns are he/him/his.

Benny can be found online at the following links:

Website:  HERE 

Instagram:  HERE 

Facebook:  HERE  

Twitter:  HERE  

TikTok:  HERE  

YouTube:  HERE

Photos by Stephen Mosher

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