Danny Bacher - Still Happy

Danny Bacher: Still Happy

Danny Bacher received rave reviews for his 2016 debut album, Swing That Music, on which he covered a variety of tracks by the three Louis’- Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, and Louis Jordan. He has already established himself in the New York entertainment scene circling Broadway cabarets and is a proud member of The Friar’s Club. Bacher is a clean-cut personality who aims to please.

Danny Bacher and Tony BennetOn first play I thought of Tony Bennett, not because the music or Bacher’s voice is similar but because of the mood he generates. I wasn’t surprised to find a picture of them together.

The music, as Bacher described his first album, is “Contemporary Classic”. You won’t mistake Still Happy for an album out of the 50’s or 60’s- it’s entertainment for today right down to 2018 lyrical additions to “Hooray for Hollywood.” I can picture the audiences happily strolling out of his shows onto Times Square. The liner notes describe the album as “his vision of a sing-along, bouncing-ball-world.”

The playing is smooth and pleasing. Rhythm plus horns with most of the focus on Bacher’s soprano sax. A nice blend of upbeat and slower numbers, always hopeful. Alvester Garnett on drums and Dean Johnson on bass are to be commended for sustaining a rhythmic variety.

Bacher contributes two originals “In Spite of all this, I’m Still Happy”, and “Joie De Vivre.” The rest of 12 tracks grab from a broader bag than his first album. I especially enjoyed his cover of Sinatra/Jobim’s “This Happy Madness.” Allan Farnham’s arrangements suit Bacher’s style and purpose. There will always be a place for music like this.

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