BWW Review: Danny Bacher IN THE HOUSE On MetropolitanZoom Is In The Pocket

With the presentation of his show through MetropolitanZoom, Danny Bacher has taken online performing to a place that is, at once, completely new and thoroughly comfortable for him. It necessitated a little grunt work around the house for the gifted jazz musician to make the leap to the internet airwaves, but it was well worth it for him and for his audience. When the audience for Danny Bacher IN THE HOUSE logged in to the Zoom Room provided by MetropolitanZoom they had no vision of Mr. Bacher sitting in his living room or his office, playing his saxophone in front of the fireplace of french doors – they got their favorite jazz crooner parked in front of a microphone with a shimmery curtain behind him, all lit up with brightly colored lamps, just like he was on the stage at The Beach Cafe. For 90 minutes the crowd of family and fans watched Mr. Bacher put on an extremely enjoyable act filled with stellar singing and stunning sax playing. So much does Bacher excel at the two skills that make up his occupation that it is difficult to say which is more entertaining – suffice it to say, when Danny Bacher puts on a show, the audience is twice blessed.

The world of online entertainment is still a young one, with each artist learning their way. Some are live streaming on Facebook and Instagram, some are broadcasting watch parties of previously recorded shows, and some are filming episodes that stay on their Youtube channels for future viewing. Artists using Zoom Rooms for their shows are out there, to be sure, but their numbers are lower than that of the artists who are live streaming, and there is a particular aesthetic that comes with the Zoom Room, one that fits, perfectly, what Danny Bacher is looking to do with his online performances, probably because it fits his own style.


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