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The Days Of Cabaret Gratitude – THE COOL CAT

The Cool Cat – Danny Bacher

You know those people who are just seemingly endlessly talented?  You look at everything that they do and wonder if they have some sort of special secret?  Or maybe you are just an underachiever?  That’s Danny Bacher.  Thanks to his publicity photos it’s hard not to know that he plays the Soprano Sax, and thanks to his reputation, you know that his shows and CDs are a mixture of his playing the music and singing the music.  Then you see him live and get a gander at the onstage persona made up of equal parts Master of Ceremonies and Atlantic City comic.  Occasional onstage patter leads to stories about his acting career and (whattaya think?) his TAP DANCING.  Are you exhausted?  Well, he’s not.  Danny Bacher isn’t just a Jack of All Trades and A Master Of Same, he is one of the most industrious people working in cabaret and concert.  Danny Bacher plays his solo shows here in town and can frequently be found joining fellow jazz artists in their shows as a guest, or in group shows in which many members of the jazz community can shine together… the creatives of the jazz community have incredibly deep friendships steeped in respect for each other and their individual talents.  Danny Bacher seems, always, to be up to something, whether it is a live performance, a record release, or something online.  In fact, Danny was one of the first artists to create a live-streaming show on the Metropolitan Zoom platform, during the pandemic.  This was so early in the life of the company that Danny broadcast from his living room with a glittery backdrop behind him and light cues that he, himself, managed from his out-of-sight laptop… while singing and playing the Soprano Sax.  Jack of all trades, indeed.

Here’s the thing about Danny Bacher.  It’s the goodness.  It’s the kindness.  It’s the smile, it’s the glint, it’s the wink, it’s the laugh.  Danny Bacher is so much fun.  He’s fun to be around, he’s fun to watch, he’s fun to listen to.  He’s fun to look at!  He has a fashion sense all his own and he puts effort into it.  You know, some people go out on the stage without giving any consideration to what they’ve put on their backs before leaving the dressing room.  Danny Bacher makes sure that his style matches his art – and that art is really good.  Danny’s gift with music is comprehensive and it is entertaining.  When he’s singing, the atmosphere in the room is like a beach party in a jazz club – everyone is jovial in their jiving and ebullient in their enjoyment.  And when he is playing that Soprano Sax, it’s all you can do to just rest your elbow on the table, rest your chin on your palm, and sit, wide-eyed, staring at an artist so accomplished that you might wonder if your ears are really hearing what you think they are.   They are.  Danny Bacher gives great show AND he gives great recording studio.  Check out one of his albums online and you’ll see what a glory it is to have all that music and talent wash all over you.

Danny Bacher leads a double life, too.  When he isn’t an active performing artist, he is a teacher of performing arts.  As a member of New Jersey’s Education Arts Team, Danny Bacher instructs young people of all ages on acting, magic, puppetry, and more, and he has spent fifteen years as a member of the Camp Liberty team, a Jersey City-based summer program.  All that generosity of talent that you see up on the stage spills off of the stage in Danny’s real life as generosity of spirit.  But if you spend even a moment thinking about Danny Bacher and the example he sets with the life that he lives, the generosity and the joy are definitely authentic.  That’s Danny Bacher, all over the place – a mass of mischievous and marvelous authenticity… in a brocade blazer and a pair of purple shades.

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Danny will appear at Jazz Loft in Stony Brook, Long Island November 16 through 18 at 7 pm with a 2 pm matinee on Saturday.  Tickets to be gotten HERE.

Danny will stop by The Lineup With Susie Mosher at Birdland Theater on November 21st (tickets HERE) to preview his upcoming show at The Green Room 42 on December 13th at 7 pm (tickets HERE).

 Danny Bacher is working on a Harry Nilsson recording project and he has a book being released in autumn of 2024.

Danny’s pronouns are he/him/his.

Benny can be found online at the following links:

Website:  HERE 

Instagram:  HERE 

Facebook:  HERE  

Twitter:  HERE  

TikTok:  HERE  

YouTube:  HERE

Photos by Stephen Mosher

Terry Gibbs Legacy Band: The Terry Gibbs Songbook from Cabaret Scenes

Ninety-eight-year-old Terry Gibbs started writing composing music in 1948 when he joined Buddy Rich’s big band. There are about 200 extant to date. This, he says, will be his last CD, “and I feel like a winner.” Joining Gibbs, who here plays a two-finger piano, is his dream band: Scott Hamilton (tenor sax), Harry Allen (tenor sax), Tom Ranier (piano), Mike Gurrola (bass), Gerry Gibbs (drums), and Danny Bacher (vocals).

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Terry Gibbs Legacy Band: The Terry Gibbs Songbook

At age 92 years old, vibraphonist Terry Gibbs was still a musical force when he recorded 92 Years Young Jammin’ at the Gibbs House (Whaling City Sound, 2017). His son, drummer Gerry Gibbs, paid homage to him with Songs from My Father (Whaling City Sound, 2021) with the Thrasher Dream Trio band. As for this recording for his father, Gerry Gibbs says, “Recording this record with my Pops will always be so memorable because it will be his last work.” Accordingly, at the ripe age of 98 years old, Terry Gibbs has released the last album of his storied career and life with The Terry Gibbs Songbook, recorded and performed by the Terry Gibbs Legacy Band featuring Gerry and an all-star cast of players including saxophonist Scott Hamilton and vocalist Danny Bacher, who fit the bill to the tee.

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Turning 99, Legendary Musician Terry Gibbs to Release Highly Anticipated Album, “The Terry Gibbs Songbook”

Celebrated musician Terry Gibbs, whose remarkable career spans over eight decades, is set to delight audiences once again with the release of his highly anticipated album, The Terry Gibbs Songbook. This momentous album, which pays homage to Gibbs’ exceptional talent as both a composer and a vibraphone player, features 15 original songs, all penned by the jazz icon himself.

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Danny Bacher Surprises Open Mic at Cafe Centro

The patrons in Cafe Centro got a surprise and major dose of great music at Rob Russel’s Open Mic night last night. Award Winning Danny Bacher who was recently nominated as Best Jazz Vocalist in JAZZTIMES National Readers Poll (along with Harry Connick, John Pizzarelli and Tony Bennett ) was in between gigs in South Florida and joined the musical festivites.

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Club Review: Danny Bacher Quartet

There is something special in the sound, the style, and the phrasing of a horn player who sings; I think back to my favorites of the past like Chet Baker, Jack Sheldon, and even Louis Armstrong.  They brought a unique musicality and lightness to their delivery while paying attention to the lyrics, both narratively and rhythmically.  In that grand tradition, Danny Bacher brought his quartet last Friday night to “Jazz Nights at Baretto,” upstairs at the Fasano Restaurant on West 49th Street,  and put his stamp on a nice selection of songs from the Great American Songbook, along with some rarities and a few well-crafted originals. The musicians who supplied first-rate support throughout the evening were Allen Farnham on piano, Dean Johnson on bass, and Ben Saporito on drums; Bacher supplied tasty soprano saxophone as well.

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Day One of the Mabel Mercer Foundation’s 33rd Annual Cabaret Convention

By Marilyn Lester . . .

Every autumn, there’s a much-anticipated event in the worlds of cabaret, popular song and jazz—the Mabel Mercer Foundation’s Cabaret Convention. This 33rd edition—Look To The Rainbow: The Songs of Yip Harburg—was the proverbial breath of fresh air following several years affected by the COVID pandemic.

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APSS Honors Lee Roy Reams

On Sunday June 12, the stars converged at the Cutting Room to honor the great Lee Roy Reams with a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the nonprofit American Popular Song Society (“APSS”), with a fine presentation of songs, stories, and anecdotes about working with Mr. Reams. There were also pre-recorded and recited love letters to Lee Roy from some of the performers who could not be present at the Gala, which overlapped with the Tony Awards ceremony which was being held a mile north at Radio City Music Hall.

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Danny Bacher and His Quartet Spread Plenty of Musical Joy at Pangea


Vocalist and soprano sax-master, Danny Bacher, is one of those performers who truly loves what he does, and it shows in his every performance. Versatile and multi-talented, this outing at Pangea as as part of the Spring Swing Jazz Series, featured the Danny Bacher Quartet: Steve Myerson on piano, Dean Johnson, upright bass and Alverster Garnett, drums—musicians at the top of their game. The cumulative effect was an evening of great music wrapped in a terrific bundle of joy. And it didn’t hurt an iota that Bacher was played onto the stage by Duke Ellington’s uptempo, inherently cheerful toe-tapper, “C-Jam Blues”—a great tone-setter.

Bacher self-identifies as an entertainer—and that he is. The description befits one who is equally skilled at playing an instrument, singing, humor (with classic jokes living side-by-side with quips and ad-libs) and storytelling. He accomplishes the latter through the music and in his ability as a raconteur. The essence of Bacher can be summed up in one of his own compositions, “In Spite of All This (I’m Still Happy.)” That happiness is authentic; it spills into the room, permeates it and is a great take-away when the show ends. Yep, he’s a feel-good kind of guy and…entertainer.


I Like Men: Celebrating 102 Years of Miss Peggy Lee

At a charity event in 2008, Sidney Myer (performer, booker, mentor, and beating heart of Don’t Tell Mama) told actress/vocalist Stacy Sullivan she should do a Peggy Lee show. “When I was pregnant with my daughter, I did an evening with Paul Horner who co-wrote with Peggy Lee and co-wrote the musical Peg. I fell in love with her as a songwriter.” (Sullivan)

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10 Videos That Have Us Jazzed To See DANNY BACHER QUARTET at Pangea on April 20th

Danny Bacher is a music man and when he has a chance to play, he doesn’t miss it. This horn-playing, jazz-singing entertainer has garnered fans everywhere, reaching even more during the pandemic with live stream events possessing of a global reach. Come April 20th, Bacher and his sax will be appearing in New York City with the other three musicians who make up the Danny Bacher QUARTET. Appearing as part of the Spring Swing Jazz Series at the downtown joint Pangea, Bacher, Steve Myerson (bass), Dean Johnson (bass) and Alvester Garnett (drums) will present a jazz set that can be enjoyed by both fans of the genre and fans of just plain great music.

CLICK HERE to read the full article and watch the videos.

Say, who’s that hepcat Danny Bacher?

Danny Bacher has been called a lot of things – most of them good – and one of the most common, usually after someone has watched his stage show, is “old soul.” This singer, songwriter, arranger and gifted soprano sax player can come across as someone who’s time-traveled from the 1930s or ‘40s.

“If I had a nickel for every time someone said that to me, I’d have … a lot of nickels,” Bacher laughs.

Today, in fact, is his 44th birthday.


Welcome to Tin Pan Alley

October 23, 2021 marked the first outdoor public concert to celebrate the official NYC landmark designation of Tin Pan Alley. The building addresses 47 to 55 West 28th Street are now historical  landmarks in keeping the birthplace of American Popular Music alive. It didn’t come easy, but took several years spearheaded by George Calderaro (now Director of Tin Pan Alley Project) who brought Erik Bottcher (City Council Member) aboard as they brought their landmark preservation requests to the Mayor’s Office several times to be turned down until Anne del Castillo (Commissioner Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment) heard their plea.


Photos: Billy Stritch, Marilyn Maye, Klea Blackhurst & More Come Out to Celebrate Tin Pan Alley Day

On Saturday, the Tin Pan Alley American Popular Music Project in collaboration with the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership presented a free, outdoor public concert at the Flatiron North Plaza featuring more than two dozen leading performers of Tin Pan Alley music and the Great American Songbook.

This event celebrates the official New York City landmark designation of Tin Pan Alley buildings at 47-55 West 28th Street and publicly launches the Tin Pan Alley American Popular Music Project, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to the commemoration and continuation of the legacy of Tin Pan Alley, the birthplace of American Popular Music in New York City in the late 19th and early 20th century.


BWW Special Event: TIN PAN ALLEY DAY Fills The Air With Music and The Streets With Dancing

Saturday, October 23rd was Tin Pan Alley Day in New York City – a day celebrating the official New York City landmark designation of Tin Pan Alley buildings at 47-55 West 28th Street. The day publicly launched the Tin Pan Alley American Popular Music Project, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to the commemoration and continuation of the legacy of Tin Pan Alley, the birthplace of American Popular Music in New York City in the late 19th and early 20th century. In honor of the occasion, a free public concert was scheduled to run from Noon until four pm, a concert that featured some of the cabaret industry’s most cherished and respected artists. Excited by the introduction of the foundation and their goals (and the free concert, hello!) Broadway World Cabaret wanted to maintain a presence on the day. Four hours, though, is a chunk of time to donate to a day of the week usually filled with housework, chores, and weekend errands, so Ricky Pope and I agreed to divide the duties, with each of us taking one hour each, to report on the festivities; to further help bring the story to Broadway World Cabaret readers, I reached out to some fine folks via their social media to ask if they might share some of their photos with us.


BWW Feature: Spotlight On Danny Bacher – A Video Library

Danny Bacher is having a moment right now, and it’s one that is certainly well-earned and well-deserved. The bell-voiced singer with a knack for swing spent the last year presenting his brand of virtual concert through Metropolitan Zoom and, from the onset, he fit into the medium with finesse and flair. With his gift for crooning and his master at the tenor sax, he has been able to continue entertaining the multitudes of fans he has picked up during his years in the clubs and concert halls, even reaching the fans who can’t catch live shows regularly, due to living out of town. On top of the success of his virtual shows, earlier this month Danny was named one of the Best Male Vocalists in the jazz industry in the JazzTimes 2020 Readers’ Poll. This should surprise no one. Mr. Bacher is an entertainer of unsurpassed charm and wide-ranging talents, whether he’s making music with his woodwind or his vocal cords, preserving the music of the past or writing music for the present, or even performing as an actor or comic. The man has flair and finesse, and when you add that to talent, you win fans and awards.

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2020 Readers’ Poll Results

Voting conducted via an online survey posted on our website

Male Vocalist
Gregory Porter
Kurt Elling
Danny Bacher
Tony Bennett

Chick Corea
Keith Jarrett*
Brad Mehldau*
Herbie Hancock
Fred Hersch

Herbie Hancock
Chick Corea
Craig Taborn

Joey DeFrancesco
Dr. Lonnie Smith
Larry Goldings*
John Medeski*
Cory Henry

Bill Frisell
John Pizzarelli
Pat Metheny
Peter Bernstein

Acoustic Bassist
Christian McBride
Esperanza Spalding
Ron Carter
Dave Holland

Electric Bassist
Esperanza Spalding
Marcus Miller
Steve Swallow
Victor Wooten

Joel Ross
Stefon Harris
Warren Wolf
Sasha Berliner

Zakir Hussain
Marilyn Mazur
Airto Moreira
Poncho Sanchez

Jack DeJohnette
Brian Blade
Antonio Sánchez
Terri Lyne Carrington

Female Vocalist
Angela Verbrugge
Cécile McLorin Salvant
Diana Krall
Veronica Swift

Daniel Hersog
Maria Schneider
Wayne Shorter
Carla Bley

Maria Schneider
Daniel Hersog
Wynton Marsalis
Carla Bley

Misc. Instrumentalist
Béla Fleck (banjo)
Anja Lechner (cello)
Tomeka Reid (cello)
Ben Rosenblum (accordion)

Vocal Group
Manhattan Transfer
Take 6
The Royal Bopsters
New York Voices


When in quarantine, these performers cut their suit to fit their cloth.

In March, when the show business industry of Manhattan shut down, artists of the cabaret and concert industry discovered, relatively quickly, that there was an audience online. Through Facebook and Instagram live posts, artists could reach the public, have a chance to perform, and raise money through virtual tip jars. Then artists discovered Zoom and a world (literally) of performance possibilities opened up to them.

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Danny Bacher in Your Living Room

On Friday June 19, I got ready to go out for a night of cabaret. I got dressed, poured a drink, and headed to my living room. For the next hour and half, I was serenaded, entertained, and made to laugh by the talented Danny Bacher. The one-man show was streamed live on Metropolitan Zoom, a leader in virtual cabaret, jazz, and comedy club experiences.

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BWW Review: Danny Bacher IN THE HOUSE On MetropolitanZoom Is In The Pocket

With the presentation of his show through MetropolitanZoom, Danny Bacher has taken online performing to a place that is, at once, completely new and thoroughly comfortable for him. It necessitated a little grunt work around the house for the gifted jazz musician to make the leap to the internet airwaves, but it was well worth it for him and for his audience. When the audience for Danny Bacher IN THE HOUSE logged in to the Zoom Room provided by MetropolitanZoom they had no vision of Mr. Bacher sitting in his living room or his office, playing his saxophone in front of the fireplace of french doors – they got their favorite jazz crooner parked in front of a microphone with a shimmery curtain behind him, all lit up with brightly colored lamps, just like he was on the stage at The Beach Cafe. For 90 minutes the crowd of family and fans watched Mr. Bacher put on an extremely enjoyable act filled with stellar singing and stunning sax playing. So much does Bacher excel at the two skills that make up his occupation that it is difficult to say which is more entertaining – suffice it to say, when Danny Bacher puts on a show, the audience is twice blessed.

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Frank Loesser: Heart and Soul

Posted on November 2, 2019 by Alix Cohen in Playing Around on

Frank Henry Loesser (1910-1969) learned piano by ear. He held a wide variety of jobs in order to contribute to family income, including literally singing for his supper, then secured music contracts with several publishers in Tin Pan Alley. Loesser wrote for Hollywood – notably “See What the Boys in The Back Room Will Have” (music-Friedrich Hollaender) – the ridiculously ‘me-too’ contested “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and the charming songs of Hans Christian Anderson.

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